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from Catalonia to the heart of Aragón

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If you are ready to practise for the first time the exciting and authentic speciality of the Dirt Track, this one is your route. In addition, we will cross Catalonia and will enter the heart of Aragón, to visit the region of Terra Alta and the houses where Picasso and Gaudí found his major inspiration.

Three days, 686km, 474m of height. Average annual temperatura 20º, high average 28,3º, low average 8,3º

It includes: bike, Insurance, Pro rider tour guide, Course of conduction, petrol, highway toll, visit to Miravet's Castle, visit to Picasso’s house in Horta de Sant Joan, course of dirt track in Motorland's Noyes Camp, visit to the Museum Gaudí, three eaten ones, two dinners and housing for two nights.

Day 1


Breakfast, briefing, and Theory course of conduction by road.


We will give two laps to the old race circuit of Formula 1 and motorcycles of Montjuïc's Magic Mountain.


We will leave Barcelona and we will cross the Nature reserve of the Garraf with incredible views of the litoral.


We will stop in Sitges, coastal city of great artistic and cultural interest to take a refreshment in front of the beach.


We will drive through precious Castellet's marsh for a road of very attractive curves and area of motorcycles, will follow up to the Roman capital of Tarragona with better view of the Mediterranean see from his famous Balcó del Mediterrani


We will go towards L'Hospitalet de l'Infant where we will leave the littoral and will enter towards the interior of the country following the riverbed of the Ebro.


We will stop in Mora d'Ebre city testimony of the most bloody battle of the Spanish Civil war, and will visualize from his bombed castle the chronology of the battle.


We will re-undertake the march towards Miravet where there is the Castle Templar of the 12th century. We will visit contemplating the riverbed of the Ebro.


We will eat in the restaurant Molidexim of autochthonous food in Miravet.


We will follow the trip towards Horta de Sant Joan penetrating Els Ports de Beseit’s mountains where we will visit the house where Pablo Picasso had his more creative stage of his Art. (Open only on Saturday)


We will initiate the last stage of the day. We will leave Catalonia, to enter in the Comunidad de Aragón and the province of Teruel, crossing the imaginary Meridian of Greenwich or Meridian "0"


We will come to Alcañiz's city, historical plece and of long sport car tradition and motorcyclist, where we find the internacional circuit Motorland and the old urban circuit. We will stay in the Parador Nacional.

Day 2


We will go towards the facilities off road of Motorland to initiate the activity of dirt track. The activity will last until the first hour of the evening. We will have lunch in the circuit. (The whole equipment more the motorcycle will be yielded by the organizer)


We will return to Alcañiz, where we will realize two laps to the old urban circuit and will finish the day walking along his historical center and resting in the Parador Nacional.

Day 3


We will begin the trip of return towards Barcelona with direction Mequinenza where one finds the marsh and castle of the same name, and where the river Segre adds to the riverbed of the Ebro.


We will visit Mequinenza's Castle where we will contemplate the immensity of the marsh and the views of the whole region.


We will continue the way direction Mora d'Ebre crossing for Fayón, Flix, Ascó and always following to the riverbed of the Ebro.


We will come to Falset, the capital of the Comarca del Priorat where we will stop to taste a glass of wine with name of origin Priorat. One of the regions where there are elaborated vallued wines recognized in the whole World.


We will leave the mountains to go again towards the coast, but before we will across Riudecanyes's marsh (road where the World Rallye Championship is disputed) and we will stop in Riudoms to visit the house where there was born the great architect Antoni Gaudí and to visit the museum where his origins are explained.


We will have lunch in a Restaurant of autochthonous food, to taste the best vegetables, dried fruits and the oil Arbequino, essential ingredients of the Mediterranean diet.


We will go out direction Cambrils city of great fishing tradition, where we will be able to walk along his fishing port and to contemplate his great fleet of ships.


We will re-undertake the trip without leaving the coast in direction Sitges. Non-stop, we will continue for the road of Garraf's coasts, one of the nicest roads of the Catalan littoral.


We will stop in Garraf, a maritime village, with his characteristic sheds of the beach. Scene of variety of movies and spots of advertising.


We will come to Barcelona and will go to La Barceloneta where we will take a refreshment and will contemplate the Mediterranean Sea from one of his better terraces.


Arrival to Scrambler Ducati Barcelona facility

New Scrambler Ducati. Motorcycle tours Spain

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  • 803cc L-Twin cylinder, 75hp. Desmodromic air cooled
  • Easy handling 170kg
  • 330mm mono disc ABS
  • LCD Dashboard
  • Low seat 790mm
  • Upright riding position
  • Under seat USB
  • Driving license, compatible with the Spanish “A”
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Prices include 21% VAT
*From 1010/person. Price per person, provided that six motorcycles are hired, driver with passenger.

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Mandatory Requirements

Valid driving license
Valid driving license, compatible with the Spanish “A” according to the motorbike’s cylinder capacity or an international driving license. We have limited power bikes, Scrambler Ducati Sixty 2., for “A2” license.
Minimum age of 20 years.
Be protected
Helmet homologated, jacket with protections, and gloves. (If you don’t have a helmet, jacket or equipment, don’t worry, we offer you the option to rent it, or buy it, choosing from a wide Scrambler Ducati product range)
Before picking up the motorbike an amount of 600€ will be blocked from a credit or debit card of the contractual partner of the loan agreement. The amount will be de-blocked on the return of the motorbike to the owner, after assuring that the motorbike is not damaged or malfunctioning.
Cancellations without penalty fees need to be communicated at least 48 hours before the pick up of the motorbike. The reservation amount will remain as a deposit for future loan agreements. If the cancellation is communicated less than 48 hours before the pick up of the motorbike, the amount of the reservation will be charged with 100%.